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The country house Poggio alle Fonti is with in the Valley of Hell where is located the Oasi di Bandella Natural Reserve, located along the stretch of Valdarno. The Nature Reserve of the Valley of Hell and Bandella is a protected natural area that develops in the basin of the hydroelectric plant of Levane built in the '50s. To visit the reserve it is possible to follow the precise itineraries, but it is especially recommended to go into with a specialized and professional guide.


With the support of professional and specialized guides you can visit the reserve Bandella following some trails on foot or by boat.


- Route 1 on foot. One of the routes starts from the resort The Plan. It has a length of about 5 km with a duration of about 2 hours. The route through the western part of the Oasi di Bandella Nature Reserve is fairly simple, and takes place largely on forest trails and dirt roads. It is a very nice trail that allows you to see the main rooms of the Reserve, being able to observe waterfowl and deer. The overlooking of the meadows and the river are spectacular.


- Route 2 on foot. Another interesting walking route is the one that starts from Monticello. It is a distance of approximately 5 km suitable mainly for birdwatchers. This route offers an unusual profile of the River Arno, the discovery of the geological history of the Upper Valdarno, a land rich in stories and memories that has seen a succession of historical events of a very active population in agricultural activities and in the mining basins lignitiferi.


- Route 3 by boat. Another way to visit Oasi di  Bandella is cruising along the stretch of the river Arno. The boat tour runs along the river for about 4.5 km in the direction of the dam, passing under the spectacular Viaduct Romita.

Setteponti Road

Balze del Valdarno





Just a few kilometres from Casale Poggio alle Fonti you can go and discover the wonders of Balze del Valdarno, a natural protected area of local interest.

The Balze are a geological phenomenon formed from the debris that filled the bottom of the Pleistocene lake after accumulating in the area a hundred thousand years ago. They are made of sand, clay and stratified gravel, with deep ravines between them. They are unmistakeable thanks to their typical ochre yellow colour.

The best path to follow to discover the Balze is the one from Acqua Zolfina to Castelfranco di Sopra (Path CAI 51). On this route you will pass the small village that clings onto the Balze di Piantravigne, you will find out the importance of the Setteponti road that leads to Fiesole from Arezzo and the role played by the wonderful rural churches on the slopes of Pratomagno.


Other paths we recommend are: the Anello di Modine which is a special itinerary around Pratomagno, in close contact with nature, visiting villages full of charm, such as Modine, Gorgiti and Rocca Ricciarda or the Crinale del Pratomagno, a ridge with a splendid 360° view over this part of Tuscany as far as the Croce, that is the symbol of this mountain.


In the nearby village of Bucine, it is also possible to find the Sentieri del Viandante. These are eight great paths for walking or cycling and discovering the Valdambra, the area and its riches.

You can find and download the guide by clicking on the link below to Diario del Viandante

CASALE Poggio alle Fonti

Charming landscapes in a beautiful, setting

Casale Poggio alle Fonti
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